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Indonesia, a rich country, has natural resources consisting of the oceans, sun, beaches, and land which if managed properly can provide great benefits for the country. One of the efforts that can be done is to utilize exotic resources to become a place of tourism. If not blocked by the Covid Pandemic 19, the level of tourist visits to Indonesia from year to year tends to continue to increase. This proves that the tourism sector is a market-driven industry, so there are so many opportunities to market tourism products in Indonesia. In 2019 this sector contributed around IDR 280 trillion in foreign exchange with 16.11 million foreign tourists and 282.93 million domestic tourist trips. Total tourism in Indonesia contributed US $ 63.6 billion or 6 percent of the total GDP. In addition, the tourism sector is noted to absorb more than 12.6 million workers, or the equivalent of 10 percent of the total workforce in Indonesia. In 2019, ASEAN countries recorded a total of 133.1 million tourist visits. Of these, Indonesia is the fifth destination after Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore.

However, Destinations in Indonesia have been repeatedly awarded world awards as the best favorite tourism destination, even superior to countries with higher tourist arrivals and income than Indonesia. So actually this very diverse Potential of Destinations, be it the Sea, Mountains, Art, and Culture, Culinary and City Tourism, has very high potential.

However, to increase the lag behind other ASEAN countries, the tourism sector needs to provide added value by getting a touch of science, technology and information starting from market analysis.


INFOWISATA ONLINE is A Digital Platform Service in the field of Tourism Supply Chain Management, the first in Indonesia and in the world to manage and coordinate the entire tourism supply chain from tour agents, transportation, tour guides, restaurants, destinations, hotels, souvenir shops, and support industries Other tourism.

Tourism Supply Chain Management is a series of activities That cover: Coordination, scheduling, and control of; procurement, services, supplies, and services in the field of tourism to tourists, Which include; payments, daily administration, operations, logistics, and information processing Starting from; Tourists to Tour Operators, Tour Guides, Transportation, Restaurants, Hotels / Lodging, Gift Shops and Tourist Destinations, the Tourism Industry such as handicrafts, food gifts, T-shirts, souvenirs and other decorations.

INFOWISATA ONLINE is one of ASCORP Product Services.


ASCORP is a holding company established in 2019, focusing on consulting services with the support of professional and reliable human resources, especially in the fields of Industrial Management, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, Human Resource Development, Import-Export and investment, Small and Medium Enterprises, Banking, Digital Marketing, the Automotive Industry, Tourism and other Event Organizations are supported by strategic partner companies that have extensive and strong experience and expertise for many years in their respective fields supported by applicable quality system-based certification. We together with Partner Companies are ready to overcome and provide services and solutions to various professional challenges through a total quality solution for both private and government companies.


To become a well-known and credible company in Indonesia in the field of Industry and Industrial Management in Indonesia both as a consultant, the industrial training center, industrial planning, industrial resource development, industrial structure strengthening, industrial employment creation, Industrial Information Technology, and events which supports the improvement and strengthening of the industry.


By increasing consolidation and strengthening the capacity of industrial networks throughout the network and the strength of good knowledge, technology, management, and communication.

Our Services :

1. ASCORP tour & event Expert is a service for companies or organizations to be able to help organize employee tours every year or internal / public events to increase the motivation of employees or customers in the country or abroad. The following are examples of activities that we can help:

1. Employee Gathering

2. Customer Gathering Event

3. Employee Tour

4. Company Exhibition

5. Company Anniversary Events

6. Promotional Tour Event

7. Event Dissemination of Company activities

8. together camp event

9. Festival activities

10. Sports Competition Event

11. Cultural arts festival

12. International / Regional Seminar

13. etc.

2. ASCORP Edu Train is our service to organize training to improve Human Resources in your company or organization. There are two types of services we can do are:

1. Internal Training. Training is organized based on the needs of your company or organization. The first step that we do is we will identify the problem and the desired solution

needs of the training output. only then will we submit material proposals and speakers on the topic that we will offer.

2. External Training. It is a training that we hold independently with the schedule that we have set with the schedule and place of training that has been scheduled. After that, we will offer the companies that will take the training schedule themselves at the place that we set.

Field of training such as :

1. Interational Standard Training :

• ISO 9001:2015

• ISO 14000

• ISO 22000

• ISO 27000

• ISO 17025

2. Audit Internal Training

3. Entrepeneurship Training

4. Leadership Training

5. Quality Control Circle Training

6. Statistic Process Control Traning

7. Planning Production Inventory Control Training

8. Supply Chain Management Training

9. Business Process Improvement Training

10. Salesmenship Training

11. Marketing Digital Training

12. Key Performance Indicator Training

13. Balance Score Card Training

14. HACCP & GMP Training

15. Tour guide

16. Tour Planner

17. Destination Management System, etc


3. ASCORP Research Survey, Evaluation, Audit, & Monitoring is our service to capture something that is known through one of several methods, such as:

1. Customer Satisfaction survey research

2. Survey on Consumer Behavior Survey

3. Research a Customer Perception Survey of a particular Branding

4. Field survey of certain plans or standards

5. Evaluation of Work and Field Implementation

6. Conferencing company or organization evaluations

7. Internal Quality Audit

8. Company or Organizational Performance Audit

9. Environmental Monitoring

10. Enterprise Performance Monitoring

11. Product Quality Monitoring and Supervision

4. ASCORP Publication and Advertising is a line of business in the field of information, publication and advertising that launches products such as:

1. Travel Information Portal

2. Infowisata Magazine

3. Advertisements in several Infowisata Media

4. Podcasts

5. Video Profile

6. Digital Marketing

7. Documentation of Event Activities



We will guarantee Service Satisfaction by holding principles:

1. Value

We will always provide a high value and in accordance with the price given.

2. Professional

With all our capabilities we will present people who are professionals in their field and experienced

3. Flexibility

With our standard service processes, we continue to provide flexibility that can satisfy our customers.

4. Quality

Our services will always pay attention to customer expectations with high-quality service and even exceeded.

5. Improvement

We will not only provide quality but will have a significant improvement in the future for your company and employees.